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We Moved to Texas!

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

God knows exactly what you need, and has it prepared, wrapped, and ready for delivery soon as you are in position to receive it.

Today, was my second day in our new home. It is empty in multiple ways. Empty because we couldn’t afford to bring all of our belongings in the moving truck, it was just to expensive. And empty because my family won’t be moving up until the end of the month.

I have been feeling very low today, and I couldn’t shake it. I Google-Duo'd everyone in my family. I connected the washer and dryer to begin washing some much needed undergarments for myself. But, I still felt a little empty. I was about to turn on some gospel music, when I felt the unction to read my bible. But first, I texted my bishop if they were streaming, and unfortunately they were not… So, I open my Bible App, and go to daily verse, and I always read the full chapter. And I don’t know about anyone else, but the Bible App always seems to have the verse I As I am studying, the scripture is talking about not taking thought for tomorrow. That 1- don’t do your work for man’s honor, and 2-Don’t work to receive manna (aka material things). God provides for food for the birds of the air, and how much greater are we. Now, of course I already knew theses verses, but it hit me so much differently today.

I have been internally conflicted with having to leave all of my children beds, dressers, and etc. As well, as having to loose all of the very expensive furniture I saved for, bargain hunted for, and refurbished. Additionally, I have been a little down starting this new job, wondering if I will be able to match up to the previous person holding the job responsibilities, and God just checked me… He said, don’t work for man’s honor. I put you in this position, and you work for my approval.

With all that said, listen to the Holy Spirit. It won’t lead you wrong. That word was exactly what I needed to restart my heart and mind, and Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to serve you in a new capacity.

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