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The Proof is in the Pudding

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Have you ever wondered why sometimes it seems like you or someone you know goes through the same cycle over and over? Yes, sometimes it's because there is a lesson in the redundancy (so please open up your eyes and learn the lesson), but sometimes it's because of what you plant.

As we gear up for our event this Saturday, Community Love, I began to think about the fact that some of the homeless we help every month have been there for years. Real Love Changes has been assisting this particular community since 2016. We have experienced some homeless that were able to eventually get off the street, to the passing away of others during the cold winter months. However, I began to look at my life's patterns. Occasionally, things get tough, complicated, and overwhelming. Just when I think I have reached my capacity for life's punches, I get punched again. However, I remember always being presented with the opportunity to sow into someone else's life during those times. Of course, I always helped even when it meant that I would go without. Then, the breakthrough. I realized this pattern early on. That life's trails are just distractions from your calling. If you recognize whose hand you are in, and what they have access to (they created the universe...), then you must realize that you have nothing to worry about ever. We should never fear that we cannot provide for ourselves because we are not expected to. We are expected to plant the seed- with a cheerful heart, work the ground, and wait for the harvest. As we do, we will begin to notice our life's outcomes start to shift. As we plant seeds of helping we will begin to realize we have a harvest of being helped and being overwhelmingly aided by others. As we sow seeds of patience, we will begin to realize that someone is giving you a world of patience.

You ask, how does this apply to the homeless, or even to me?

Well, thank you for asking, lol. With that said, many times the homeless are left with the task of needing help and are often not in the position to help someone else. However, this week we are challenging our homeless community to find someone to help. Maybe through prayer or general assistance. We want to implore them to plant seeds of giving, so that they may reap the harvest thereof. Truth is, Real Love Changes probably will never have enough money or resources to help every homeless person in the world. However, if we help them apply the principles of the Bible to their life, in the current state they are in, then we may be able to create a more significant impact than we could by only giving tangible donations. Secondly, in regards to our everyday lives, I encourage you to review your current state. Are you stressed, financially troubled, surrounded by chaos, being picked on and not receiving any grace in the workplace? Think on this, the bible says in James 3 to first check our tongues. Our tongues can get us into a world of trouble. With the tongue we praise God, and curse men (sounds a little the post titled New Chapter). James continues by saying, "Where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work" (James 3:16. KJV). While evaluating your current state of life, if you find that your life reflects one of confusion I would also analyze if there have been seeds of envy or strife planted on your behalf and how often. You can reap the harvest of a blessed life if you begin to plant seeds in others of blessings. Additionally, remember that if you plant one seed, you will not reap the harvest of four seeds, you will receive the yield of one. So plant good seeds, continuously, with a cheerful heart and watch your life begin to change.

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