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New Chapter

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Embarking on a new chapter of life for me means a new notebook!! I get kind of excited about it but don't judge me, lol. The title of this chapter is Patience. Learning to love the plan set out for you, means learning to love Patience. There is a plan purposed for everyone, and believing that means there is a level of endurance that has to take place until the season of fulfillment (patience). Patience waits without wanting. Without seeking, or peering around the corner to see when the season is coming, but just waits and trust. Learning to love the plan means also learning to love the planner. Trusting the plan is perfect without wavering, and knowing that God trust only the stable man with fulfillment requires faith. True faith. The planner will not release the purpose to a double-minded man, believing one day and doubting the next. Be patient, and love the plan and planner. For me, its tough, but I am mindful of trying not to be double-minded, and asking for forgiveness in my err.

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