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Faith is Tangible.. Kinda (lol)

We have heard the scripture, Hebrew 11:1, Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen, and that our elders obtained good reports by it. However, what did they do so right?

Abel's sacrifice was more excellent than Cain's because of faith, and Abel's sacrifice was accepted over Cain's. Abel had faith that if he gave God his best and first, God would bless him. The bible says that because of this, God called him righteous and testified of his gifts. What better recommendation than that of the Lord.

Likewise, Enoch's faith translated him to heaven without seeing death, and Noah was warned of things that had not appeared yet; in faith was obedient. Abraham and Sarah traveled to a foreign land and bore a child of promise. We can not please God without Faith. We must believe in his existence and know that he rewards those who stay at his feet, seeking after him. Faith has the ability to save and protect your legacy. Faith has the ability to rebuke the devour over your life. Faith has the ability to manifest promises through trusting God's plan and allowing faith to be a seed of Joy over your heart and mind; creating fertile ground for the spiritual to manifest in the natural.

Faith tangibly is the act of trusting. Trusting in God's power so much, knowing that He can make the dead things live again. Using Abraham and Isaac as an example, being willing to give up the very promise he has given you, because you believe his will is divine and can raise and breath life on anything. Being willing to give your life to be obedient to God. Believing in God's power and fearing God more than death.

Faith is hard. We are humans, and we are prone to think that if it's beyond our control, it is out of control.

However, God makes no mistakes. He knows your gifts and placed them in you to use them. Be not mindful of the glory or accolades, but mindful of purpose and obedience. His time is not slack, and although it may not be the manifestation you hoped for at this stage in your life, He is still yet working. Joseph died, giving the commandment to take his bones when the children of Israel departed. Do you have enough faith (trust) to believe that even if the full manifestation of God's promise doesn't come to pass in your lifetime, that He is still sovereign?

To obtain a good report like our elder, practice:

Giving God your first and best

Believe in His Word over your life; allow it to create Joy and fertile ground

Allow your Faith to cover your legacy and destiny from harm and danger; through obedience

Trust in God's Power. The power that can raise all dead things, and restore all things

Labor in faith, and let God be God.

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